Virtual Office

For your convenience we have put together a table which compares the services and prices of the most popular subscription packages for virtual services. Included Services Hot Desk Virtual Office VO with Virtual Assistant Virtual Company Business address in Sofia
If in addition to your Virtual Office and Virtual Assistant you need some additional qualified help, you may broaden the scope of used services by adding a “Virtual Expert” in the necessary field / … and the available experts with
If in addition to your Virtual Office you need some support from a qualified assistant, you may take up the package of a Virtual Office with a Virtual Assistant. The package includes the following services: All the services from „Virtual
If you do not constantly need an office, yet you need access to a professionally equipped working space, the service “Hot Desk” is suitable for you. Our Hot Desk service includes: Working space Computer, scanner, printer and copy machine Telephone
The service “Virtual Office” is suitable should you need and office in Sofia, without the linked expenses and hustle of a fixed office. The Virtual Office builds on the “Hot Desk” package. The Virtual Office includes: A business address in

Virtual Assistant

Spam, commercials, social media messages, unnecessary offers, and what have you, overwhelms your email. Often you have to reply with the same text to a multitude of similar questions. This is so much more true for central company emails. Often
Each company needs the creation of a multitude of documents – presentations, official letters, reports, protocols and many others. You may do this important task yourself or you may delegate it to one of your employees. In this way, however,
The organization of a company event, training or seminar requires a lot of time and coordination. You may delegate the whole organization to your virtual assistant. In this way you will be saving your precious time but still achieve the
Your fast pace will become much more effective if it is well organized. New technologies now allow for the creation and management of your “calendar” with meetings and tasks. Most importantly, it will be always with you – on your
It is likely that you may need support in the document creation, editing, management /scanning, printing, copying/, sending and archiving. Or you may simply need to use specialized office equipment. Creating a digital archive, for example, may take up weeks
Each company needs a central telephone. This is the main communication channel to you and your business. Irrespective of the advance in technology, we are all frustrated with indifferent automatic telephone answering systems. The first impression of our business should
Today the internet is abundant with information. The problem now is to filter the information which is necessary to you. If you or your colleagues are doing this research, you are losing valuable time, which you may use to focus
It is often that we need some data entry or data actualization in some data base. This may be done by employees in your company, but then their main jobs will suffer. To avoid this you may entrust this task

Virtual Expert

The drafting of the processes and procedures is part of the operations management of every company. Operations management is a complicated task. At the same time operations management is the only way in which the operations may be optimized, cheapened,
It is possible that your company needs a commercial representation in Bulgaria or specifically in the Capital Sofia. If your place of business is some other city around the country or in a different country altogether, and you need a
We live in an unsettled world. We may add to this the dramatic climatic changes. Earthquakes, riots, floods, theft, hail storms and many other events happen often. All of these endanger, damage or destroy life and property of people and
Each company occasionally needs to sell some of its machines and equipment. Sometimes the reason is the purchase of a new machine. Sometimes the re-marketing need may be connected with liquidity problems, which may be fixed from the proceeds of
Each company needs accounting to book its transactions. The larger companies have internal accounting departments. However, an alternative to this organization exists. “Outsourcing” generally means the delegation of particular tasks and services to external for your company providers. The accounting
In commerce very often the sale of goods and services is paid for in arrears. In Bulgaria the most popular term being 30 days. Sometimes, however, the debt is not paid on the due date. If the deferral is prolonged