СъбиранеThis is a special offer for full outsourcing of the collection process of SME in Bulgaria to AVS Bulgaria.
If you would like to enjoy regular payments of your invoices we offer the following package of services:

  • Creation and implementation of the process of your company’s debt collection in Bulgaria;
  • Control of the receipt of your invoices by your clients;
  • Debt collection and collection of the receivables to you by our call center;
  • Daily update of the information for assigned collection in the AVS cloud and your access for control of the work in progress and results of your debt collection;
  • Monthly detailed report for work done, results achieved and suggestions for future action.

This package of services can be help your company for a fixed monthly subscription of EUR 100. The offer stands for handling up to 50 clients and collection of up to BGN 50.000 monthly.

Until now these services were used only by large companies and banks. Our package is aimed to support SME. This special offer has been designed for our clients getting the most benefit at the least cost.

Read more abut the risks and benefits of debt collection in Bulgaria.

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