The M&A Market in Bulgaria – an Internet Research

Market research on the Bulgarian M&A Market

Overview of the Bulgarian M&A Market The M&A Market has been consistently in decline for the past years. 2014 saw a drop to 60 deals compared to 290 in 2013. Volume wise the drop was from about EUR 1.5B to

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5 Tips for Successful Re-marketing of Machines

5 tips for successful remarketing of machines In our former article we discussed 5 common mistakes made during re-marketing of machines. In this article we give 5 tips for successful re-marketing of machines in Bulgaria. In addition to the 5

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Used_Equipment re-marketing

5 common mistakes in re-marketing of machines Sometimes our company must sell some unnecessary piece of machinery or equipment. This process is called re-marketing. In the present article we will look at 5 common mistakes made in re-marketing in Bulgaria.

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How To Unite Our E-mails

How to unite our e-mails using Gmail

This article gives an efficient office solution to the problem of multiple mailboxes, which some of us have. Having read it, you will be able unite all of your e-mails in one single platform. How GMail can make us more

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Debt Collection of Corporate Receivables

Who, How, Why, Where and How Much My father used to say: „the sale is not finished, while the money is not in the bank”. A rather true statement. At the same time many companies in Bulgaria do not adhere

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Introduction to Our Blog “Effective Office”

Our Mission is to help our clients be more effective in what they do, applying the full set of innovative solutions for each of the services offered by us. With the development of technologies companies need an ever increasing number

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