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The M&A Market in Bulgaria – an Internet Research

Market research on the Bulgarian M&A Market

Overview of the Bulgarian M&A Market The M&A Market has been consistently in decline for the past years. 2014 saw a drop to 60 deals compared to 290 in 2013. Volume wise the drop was from about EUR 1.5B to

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5 Tips for Successful Re-marketing of Machines

5 tips for successful remarketing of machines In our former article we discussed 5 common mistakes made during re-marketing of machines. In this article we give 5 tips for successful re-marketing of machines in Bulgaria. In addition to the 5

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Used_Equipment re-marketing

5 common mistakes in re-marketing of machines Sometimes our company must sell some unnecessary piece of machinery or equipment. This process is called re-marketing. In the present article we will look at 5 common mistakes made in re-marketing in Bulgaria.

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