How To Unite Our E-mails

This article gives an efficient office solution to the problem of multiple mailboxes, which some of us have. Having read it, you will be able unite all of your e-mails in one single platform.

How GMail can make us more efficient

  • We may unite all our mailboxes into one online platform
    Why is this useful: we will have access to all our mail boxes from all devises, and we will be able to answer all mails using our original respective address from one single platform.
  • An added value of Google is the split of all received mails into “Primary”, “Social” and “Promotions”.
    Why is this useful: we do not waste time going through our mails or finding the important ones.
  • An added efficiency feature is the protection from viruses
    Why is this useful: … well, a smaller chance of being infected.

How to Unite Our E-mails and

How to Make Alias in GMail.

The e-mail service providers are many. So are the addresses we have. GMail is one of them. In this article we are not looking in detail at the Gmail features, but of only one feature, which we may use and become more efficient.

Probably each of us has stumbled upon the fact that we need to have more than one e-mail box. This, at least for me, is a frustration and made me look for a solution. After some research I found that Google have solved this issue. Here is exactly how.

First it is necessary to have a e-mail box with Gmail. If you do not have one, you can easily make one. Go to and register.


After having a Gmail account, you just have to follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the menu in the top right corner of the screen – Settings, and upon pointing it select “Settings” again from the drop down menu.


  1. In the new window, right bellow the sign Settings we select – Accounts and Import (see the picture in the next point).
  2. Being in Accounts and Import, we select Add another email address you own or Add a POP3 mail account you own /middle of the screen to the right/. The selection is dependent on the server of your initial e-mail.


  1. We fill out the e-mail address which we would like to add and press Next Step
  2. After you input the address you want, you need to enter your Username and Pass for the respective mail. Having entered these press Add Account.



Congratulations. You have successfully united your mailboxes. Repeat the process for as many mailboxes as you wish. Now you may read all mails from your Gmail account. You can also send from your GMail e-mails as if you were using your original mailbox – just remember to mark the respective field accordingly – exactly in the middle of the screen:


You are now fully set. However, if you want to get the most out of the experience, download the free app of GMail on your smartphone and configure it to your GMail account. Now all your mails from all your mailboxes will be received in your pocket.

Just remember to switch the service off when on vacation 😉


Article by Kiril Georgiev

Written on 15.05.2015 last revised on 11.08.2015


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