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effectove_officeOur Mission is to help our clients be more effective in what they do, applying the full set of innovative solutions for each of the services offered by us.

With the development of technologies companies need an ever increasing number of experts in various fields. Until the break of the 21-st Century no one needed internet support. We did not have internet providers, sites, domains and what have you. Today it is hard to imagine an office without internet. Therefore each office now needs experts in the aforementioned fields. Prior to the Y2K the mobile phones were still not “smart”.  Besides phone calls, SMS and a game or two we did not use them for anything else. Today it is difficult to imagine life and business without the mobile communication and all of the applications which smart-phones provide to us. Something more, it is now important that our internet presence is in line with the mobile apps. And again businesses need more new experts. Before Y2K e-mails were just emerging and were it was seldom that we printed our electronic address on our business cards. Today it is impossible to think about communication without mentioning e-mails. Yet again businesses need more experts for maintenance and management of domains, electronic addresses and mails. We should not overlook marketing and advertising – prior to Y2K a decent advertisement was a billboard, an TV add or a printed brochure. Client targeting was focusing on what pictures and colors are used. Today we are targeted by our searches in the search engines of the World, with marketers knowing how often we by detergent. And again businesses need more new experts in internet marketing, SEO, CMS and the like. Why do we need all these innovations? The answer is simple – each of them makes us more efficient and decreases costs.

These are global trends, with just some countries leading the way and of course some having much less penetration of the above innovations. Bulgaria it may be said is in the “golden middle”. Will the advance of technology slow down? Doubtfully. Rather we may expect innovations to speed up. Therefore all businesses will need an ever growing number of specialists, who should support them – be it internally or outsourced.

Beside the new technologies there is yet another global trend – the division of labor. All of us have read how Henry Ford introduced the conveyor belt in car assembly thus making a revolution in car manufacturing. This conveyor belt led to a huge decrease of costs and increase in efficiency of the manufacturing. This, in its turn, made the car a popular machine affordable by most in the early 20-th century. This trend gradually but steadily advanced in almost all spheres of production and services. During the early 80-s the word “outsourcing” was mentioned for the first time. During the 90-s outsourcing whole business processes was the talk of the town. Today outsourcing, as a form of division of labor is popular in most economic activities.

Just like the technological innovations, outsourcing is implemented at a different pace in various countries. Some countries are huge exporters of processes /USA, Japan, France, UK/, where whole industries were closed down – metal processing, machine building, textiles, electronics, etc. Other countries were net importers of productions and services – /China, Indonesia, the Philippines/. All of this just in pursuit of this same goal, pursued by Henry Ford – increase in efficiency and decrease of costs.

Where is Bulgaria? It is rather more inclined to be a “importer country” for business processes and production. And this is great, because outsourcing is just beginning.

So we have two trends:

  • Innovations, which make us more effective, but require new experts in various fields to support them and
  • Division of labor and the frequent use of external services, or as it is more commonly called – business process outsourcing /BPO/.

It is interesting that the two trends intervene and complement each other. New technologies make outsourcing more easy. If at the turn of the 21-st century outsourcing of a call center needed many business trips, training, hardware and complex software solutions. Today, using innovative software solutions a group of Bulgarian emigrants from the five continents can have a conference call with their home village. Therefore today, with the use of technology we can outsource almost any process in our company.

Until recently in Bulgaria it was considered that outsourcing is something accessible only to large corporations, or even only international giants. It was also considered that only large companies can afford to attract and maintain the ever increasing number of experts needed for all innovations. It was considered that “only large companies engage in outsourcing”. This is definitely no longer true. Many Bulgarian SMEs have outsourced their accounting. Many others have outsourced IT support, collection, internet marketing, etc It may be true that outsourcing is 5-10 late from the most developed economies. But it is gaining speed rapidly, with the “import” of business processes going hand in hand with outsourcing of the same from one Bulgarian company to another inside the country.

AVS Bulgaria is specialized exactly in acquiring the processes, which our clients would like to outsource. Historically the company started with the acquisition of services related to risk management, client appraisal, collection and asset audit. Today we use our expertise and assets to provide full administration outsourcing of all our client’s needs – virtual office, virtual assistant and various virtual experts. Our aim, just like it is written in our Mission Statement, is to make all our clients more effective. This incorporates decrease of costs for the execution of each particular business process.

Our clients vary from large multinational companies, who use our services in each contry where we have branches /14 countries/, banks, leasing companies to SME from Bulgaria. Our services are equally affordable for all.

Still our services are not free. Otherwise we will not be able to innovate and enrich them. However, we understand that there are small companies, start-ups or self employed people, who do not have the means to pay for any services. Especially for them is our blog. We want to help them become more efficient. So we are launching a series of articles, which will benefit them, by learning how to use the global innovative solutions /which we use/, trends in outsourcing which can benefit them. In order for these to be absolutely accessible to all we focus on free solutions. Accordingly the access to our articles is also fully free and easy. It is no coincidence that the name of our blog is “Effective Office”. We will fulfill our Mission even if we do not get paid for that.

Our first advise to our readers is: never stop learning! We will help as much as we can.

We wish you all to become more effective in what you do. There is no turning back!


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