Here you can find Q&A which our clients have been interested in.

Question to the service “Virtual Office“: “Can I transfer my company phone number, which all our clients know, to my virtual office?”

Answer: Yes. Now the transfer of a phone number between operators in Bulgaria is easy. In this way your company phone will be serviced by your virtual assistant in your virtual office. The transfer takes 2-3 days and costs are insignificant.

Question to the service “Virtual Assistant“: “What is “virtual” about the service “virtual assistant”?

Answer: The Virtual Assistant is a living human, with adequate education and experience, who works in a real office, having at her disposal all necessary office and communication equipment, personal computer and licensed software. The “virtual” part of the name of the service comes from the fact that even though that your virtual assistant is dedicated to the tasks given by you, she is not an employee of your company, you do not pay her salary and insurance, you do not have to provide office space, the office equipment is not purchased by you, the software is also not the property of your company and you do not pay for communication with her. Another difference of the “virtual assistant” is that unlike a standard office assistant, hired by your company, you use /and pay for/ your virtual assistant only when you need for the execution of the tasks which you give her. The tasks and their execution are usually done in the “virtual world” using all contemporary technological solutions. The “virtual” part of the name of the service “Virtual Assistant” is exactly what makes her an effective cost saving solution for each company.

Question to the service “Virtual Assistant“: “I am not technically savvy. I am not actually sure what “virtual” means. Can I use a virtual assistant?”

Answer: Absolutely. The word “Virtual” in the Virtual Assistant service only means that your assistant will not be sitting next to you in your office or home. However, we would suggest that the service is perfect for you, because your virtual assistant will compensate for whatever you need in the technology rich administration and communication world of today. Think of her as your aid to technology. You can still use face to face instruction, phone calls and hand written input and get fully digital web output.

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