If you need administration support, but do not want to engage with hiring a new employee, the service “Virtual Assistant” is suitable for you. Your virtual assistant may offer all the enumerated bellow standard administration services or focus her time on only one or two of them – the decision is yours.

The benefits for you are:

  • Qualified support
    The virtual assistant is qualified for all sorts of administration and office support and knows English;
  • You do not need to buy office equipment or software
    Your virtual assistant is fully equipped with all necessary office hardware and software;
  • You do not have to provide office space and desk
    The virtual assistant has a fully equipped and comfortable office;
  • You do not have to pay social security and health insurance
    The virtual assistant is working for AVS Bulgaria where she is fully insured;
  • You decrease your risk and expenses
    You will pay for your virtual assistant only for the job done, and only when you need it;
  • Focus
    While your virtual assistant is focusing on your administration tasks, you are free to focus on the more important things in life and business;
  • Always available
    Using the service “Virtual Assistant” of AVS Bulgaria, you receive one dedicated to you employee, one project manager and a reserve virtual assistant. Thus you always may depend on your VA support – no matter what;
  • Easy to budget
    By using a virtual assistant you may easily determine and limit the expenses for the particular service up to the budget determined by you – daily, monthly or annually.

The service “Virtual Assistant” includes:

The service “Virtual Assistant” may be combined with:

The service “Virtual Assistant” is suitable for:

  • SME which need administration support, in order for them to focus on their main activity;
  • Companies /large and small/, which need some of the enumerated services and expert competences;
  • Busy managers and freelancers, who need some support in servicing their clients, partners and … friends.

The price for your virtual assistant /if not included in one of our packages/ is determined by the services you need and the amount of dedicated time for their execution.

Use any of the packages which include a Virtual Assistant or if you should have some more specific needs, please send us your inquiry or contact us on the national phone for Bulgaria 0700 310 95 for any questions.

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