Each company needs a central telephone. This is the main communication channel to you and your business. Irrespective of the advance in technology, we are all frustrated with indifferent automatic telephone answering systems. The first impression of our business should not be indifference.

It is reasonable  for the central telephone to be managed by a specialized assistant, who will answer the calls with your company name, reply to standard questions and inquiries and forward important calls in a timely manner.

Often companies, who have an employed assistant managing the central telephone, cannot depend on her for anything else – she is simply overwhelmed by the multitude of calls. If you do not have a dedicated assistant or you want to free her time for other important tasks, you may use the services of a virtual assistant who will handle your central telephone as per your instructions.

Never miss an important call to your central telephone again. Delegate this important task to your virtual assistant. Send us your inquiry.

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