Each company needs accounting to book its transactions. The larger companies have internal accounting departments. However, an alternative to this organization exists.

“Outsourcing” generally means the delegation of particular tasks and services to external for your company providers. The accounting of a company is by far the most popular outsourcing activity. The complete outsourcing of your company’s accounting is a good solution for optimizing your expenses. If you delegate this activity to our virtual experts in accounting you will have an expert who is dedicated to your accounting and the respective administration.

With its virtual experts, AVS Bulgaria offers a good solution for your accounting needs. This will bring to your company the following benefits:

  • Decreased HR expenses – upon delegating your accounting to us, your HR expenses for accounting and administration staff immediately disappear. Further, if your accounting needs decrease, you may easily decrease the subscription for this service.
  • Optimization of the administration expenses – when you delegate your accounting to us, you will not need any working facilities for internal accountants, which as we know is not cheap. You will be saving all expenses and investments linked to the accounting work space, equipment, specialized software and subscriptions.
  • You win time for the management of your business – as your virtual expert is handling all the administration around your accounting, you will not have to engage in these support activities. Instead you will be able to focus your attention to your core business.
  • You tap into years of experience – an accounting expert services many different clients. This leads to increase competence in providing various accounting solutions. If you should have to solve an important or simply new for you accounting or tax case, it will not be new for your virtual expert. As the team is challenged daily with various issues, it accumulates precious practical experience. You will be using this expertise.

Save time and money and hire your virtual expert in accounting.

The price for using our virtual expert in accounting is defined by the time necessary to get the assigned job done as well as any additional expenses /if applicable/. Your may use our package „Virtual Company”, where the “Virtual Expert” in accounting is included along with some other useful services. Or, if you have some more specific requirements – please send us your inquiry.

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