It is possible that your company needs a commercial representation in Bulgaria or specifically in the Capital Sofia. If your place of business is some other city around the country or in a different country altogether, and you need a commercial representative in Sofia to handle your affairs, the team of virtual experts of AVS can handle this task for you.

We have created a subscription package called “Virtual Company”, which includes your virtual expert – commercial representative,  along with other useful services, which are in fact quite important for each company and every commercial representation:

  • Business address in Sofia – your commercial representation will have its own business address in a prestigious part of the Capital, without you having to pay rent for it. Your mail will be received and forwarded to you accordingly;
  • Electronic address and email – We can create one for you or if you already have one, we can help you manage your emails. Often one does not have the physical ability to follow the daily loads of electronic messages. Your virtual assistant can handle this for you. She will monitor your mail persistently, reply to standard enquiries, delete spam and forward to you important messages. In this way you will not miss a single important message, will have replied in time to all standard inquiries and most importantly – you will not waste your time in doing so;
  • Own telephone and fax number with a personal assistant – this service allows you commercial representation to have its own fax and phone, which will be personally serviced by your virtual assistant. According to your instructions standard questions may be answered, meetings may be arranged and direct calls – forwarded to telephones which have been specified by you;
  • Hot Desk 70 hours monthly of personal equipped office space. For your visits to Sofia, you will always have your own fully equipped working space in your commercial representation, along your virtual assistant and virtual expert;
  • Virtual assistant – 70 hours monthly of the services of a bilingual virtual assistant, to whom you may delegate correspondence, research, data entry, calendar management and meeting organization and all other administration tasks;
  • Virtual expert – the package provides the services of a bilingual virtual expert for 30 hours monthly. This is the most important part of our cooperation. Each company needs various experts in various fields. By using the services of AVS you gain access to the experts of your choice in accordance with your needs. One month this may be a virtual expert for commercial representation, the next it may be a virtual expert in insurance, internet marketing, accounting, etc. All possible combination of expert support are of course possible.

In a nutshell – using the package “Virtual Company”, you will have a Sofia based, fully manned, fully equipped, fully functional commercial representation at a fraction of the standard cost immediately. You will have your office working for you, without having to engage in payments of rent, salaries, furniture, hardware, software, training, phones, internet, etc. While curbing your costs you can rely on our capability.

Should you need a Sofia based commercial representation, do not hesitate to contact us.

The price for the services of a virtual expert – commercial representative is based on the time necessary for getting the job done and any incurred additional expenses /if applicable/. You may use our standard subscription package “Virtual Company”, where the “Virtual Expert” for commercial representation is included, along with other useful services. Or, if you have more specific requirements – please send us your inquiry.

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