In commerce very often the sale of goods and services is paid for in arrears. In Bulgaria the most popular term being 30 days. Sometimes, however, the debt is not paid on the due date. If the deferral is prolonged or such an instance occurs with more than one customer, this may endanger the liquidity of the company, and by doing so – the company’s own existence. Delayed payments are one of the most common reasons for insolvency and hide risks for the cash flow of the company irrespective if they are big or small.

Companies who sell goods and services often think that the “job is done” whin the invoice is issued … and when payment of the invoice is delayed they delegate the debt collection to some of their employees /often from the accounting department because they issue the invoices ?!?!/. Risk management is a guaranty for the company’s success and will help decrease the payment delays of the company’s debtors.

The lack of expert efforts in the process of debt collection, leads to the transformation of part of the “late payments” into “delayed payments” end some of them end up eventually as a real “loss” for the company.

Therefore it is reasonable to use expert support for providing timely collection of your receivables. It is possible to hire an expert in debt collection in your company. You will have to provide the necessary working space, equipment, specialized software, transport and last but not least – the debt collection expert himself.

You may also use our services and hire a “Virtual expert in debt collection”. This will cost you only a fragment of the expenses required for an in-house employee, while receiving twice the service.

Hiring a virtual collection expert you will receive a fully equipped and qualified expert in order to:

  • Analyze your receivables
  • Create your debt collection policy
  • Execute collection call center support
  • Ensure out-of-court debt collection /in more difficult cases/
  • Ensure full debt management
  • and as a result: improved collection of your receivables

Do not hesitate. Hire your virtual expert in debt collection.

The price for using our virtual expert in debt collection is defined by the time necessary to get the assigned job done, as well as any additional expenses /if applicable/. Your may use our subscription package „Virtual Company”, where a “Virtual Expert” in debt collection is included along with some other useful services. Or, if you have some more specific requirements – please send us your inquiry.

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