We live in an unsettled world. We may add to this the dramatic climatic changes. Earthquakes, riots, floods, theft, hail storms and many other events happen often. All of these endanger, damage or destroy life and property of people and companies.

We will say nothing new if we suggest to all to have proper insurance coverage for their life, health and property. In Bulgaria there are some 22 licensed insurance companies. How should we choose the best one? To make the question yet more difficult, we may add that all insurance companies are specialized in covering different risk, have ever changing promotions and have different performance from time to time.

A mistake which is often made by companies is to arrange for the insurance coverage individually – today it is the buildings, the next day the cars and the employees at the end of the year. With such a random approach to insurance, substantial risks are left uncovered. The The complex approach and pricing, which a good insurance company may offer for covering all risks of its client, is missed. This of course leads to loss of money and increased risks.

Even the companies which make adequate insurance coverage, after having studied the whole Bulgarian market, are faced with a challenge, when insurance damages occur. The damages need to be booked and indemnities paid. It often turns out that the insurance companies are not as friendly as they were during the underwriting process. The client is faced with a powerful institution, which willingly or not create various administration obstacles for payment of the indemnity. So the client is faced with the option to lose money or waste time.

The virtual experts of AVS for insurance and indemnities solve all problems above. They are employed in one of the biggest independent insurance broker houses in Bulgaria – Evrobroker. You may count on them for:

  • a detailed insurance audit – what risks are you carrying, which of them would you like to cover, which is the current best option for this, how can the best price be achieved. The insurance audit is finalized with a suggestion for an “Insurance Policy” of the company;
  • analysis of the Bulgarian insurance market – this is an analysis of the current offers of all 22 insurance companies in Bulgaria. Since the market is rather dynamic, this analysis is done in accordance with the client needs as described above and is very specific for each moment in time;
  • getting an insurance offer, which exactly matches your needs with the best which the insurance market has to offer;
  • insurance underwriting with the selected insurance companies;
  • control of payment of insurance premiums and reminders of upcoming due dates – this is important, because often insurance companies use a one day delay in payments as an excuse for policy termination;
  • online access for control of all information and documents of your insurance coverage;
  • support for insurance indemnities – your virtual expert does not limit his care to policy underwriting, but supports you exactly in the times that count. Thus the client has a competent partner when damages occur and indemnities need to be paid.

All of this you will receive without having to leave your working place, without wasting time and without losing money.

Do not hesitate, do not waste your time and money. Hire your virtual expert in insurance and indemnities.

The price for using our virtual expert in insurance and indemnities is defined by the time necessary to get the assigned job done as well as any additional expenses /if applicable/. Your may use our subscription package „Virtual Company”, where a “Virtual Expert” in insurance and indemnities is included along with some other useful services. Or, if you have some more specific requirements – please send us your inquiry.

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