The drafting of the processes and procedures is part of the operations management of every company. Operations management is a complicated task. At the same time operations management is the only way in which the operations may be optimized, cheapened, and become faster. The large companies have experts in operations management or whole departments, who are responsible for operations management, writhing of policies, procedures, mapping of processes and the linked job descriptions of their employees.

The smaller companies do not have such capabilities and in the best cases this important job is handled by the owner-manager herself. The overlooking of operations management hinders the activity of the company, increases the resources needed and makes it more inefficient. On the other hand, the operations management only by the manager of the company take away capacity of the company, which is better put to use in other spheres. Here we can help.

The virtual experts of AVS Bulgaria offer the to do the most tedious part of operations management, namely:

  • Analysis of the working processes;
  • Mapping of the processes;
  • Drafting of the written processes and procedures;
  • Delegations of tasks to employees through written job description;
  • Together with a team from the company – optimization of the processes, decrease of needed resources and making them faster.

If you consider that the operations management in your company is an important task and need some professional help for boosting your capacity, do not hesitate and hire your virtual expert for processes and procedures.

The price for the services of a virtual expert in processes and procedures is based on the time necessary for getting the job done and any incurred additional expenses /if applicable/. You may use our standard subscription package “Virtual Company”, where the “Virtual Expert” in processes and procedures is included, along with other useful services. Or, if you have more specific requirements – please send us your inquiry.

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