Each company occasionally needs to sell some of its machines and equipment. Sometimes the reason is the purchase of a new machine. Sometimes the re-marketing need may be connected with liquidity problems, which may be fixed from the proceeds of the sale of some part of the machines and equipment of the company. Often the company simply is discontinuing some not so profitable parts of its production and needs to re-market the unnecessary machines and equipment.

Since such a need occurs rarely, it is reasonable to assume that no re-marketing experts work for the company. When the company needs to re-market some used car, the auto dealers of used cars in Bulgaria offer a good solution. However, if the company needs re-marketing for expensive or specialized machines and equipment the possible solutions are few. The re-marketing is usually delegated to:

  • the original dealer of the machines or equipment, from whom the machines were purchased – although the dealers of machines and equipment often accept such business, their interests are usually aimed at the sale of new equipment and the used machines and equipment actually hinder the achievement of this particular goal;
  • some of the sales employees of the company – these colleagues are experts in the same and marketing of the goods and services sold by the company, not its used machines and equipment;
  • the secretary or some other administration employee of the company – who normally will publish an offer for the machines and equipment in , and other similar sites. This is not a bad approach, if we need to re-market some small office equipment or similar machine;
  • the manager of the company – managers are usually good in all spheres of their business, however they are seldom re-marketing experts for machines and equipment.

If you need to re-market expensive /above BGN 50.000/ machines and equipment, it is reasonable to use the services of our virtual experts.

Through its virtual experts AVS Bulgaria offers a good solution, when there is a need for the re-marketing of expensive machines and equipment. The experts of AVS are supported by NetBid Angerman & Luders – a leading internet platform for re-marketing of used machines and equipment in Europe. Our experts will help you to:

  • determine a marketing strategy for the sale of the unnecessary machines and equipment,
  • prepare all necessary documentation,
  • take the necessary pictures;
  • make the evaluation of the machines and equipment.

After this preparation phase, the machines will be put up for auction or trading on Thus your equipment will be found by potential buyers from all over the World /from China to Chile/ and respectively the chance for a successful sale and at the highest possible price rises considerably /in comparison to focus on the Bulgarian secondary market/.

The benefits for you are:

  • expert support for the re-marketing of the unnecessary machines and equipment;
  • lack of additional burden on the employees of your company;
  • access to the international market for used machines and equipment;
  • support from a European leader from Germany /NetBid/ for the re-marketing of your machines and equipment;
  • and as a result: sale of the unnecessary machines and equipment in the fastest possible time, at the highest possible market price.

If you have unnecessary machines and equipment, which you would like to sell, do not hesitate and hire your virtual expert for re-marketing of used machines and equipment.

The price for using our virtual expert in re-marketing of machines is defined by the time necessary to get the assigned job done as well as any additional expenses /if applicable/. You may use our subscription package „Virtual Company”, where a “Virtual Expert” in re-marketing is included along with some other useful services. Or, if you have some more specific requirements – please send us your inquiry.

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