For your convenience we have put together a table which compares the services and prices of the most popular subscription packages for virtual services.

Included Services Hot Desk Virtual Office VO with Virtual Assistant Virtual Company
Business address in Sofia
Receiving and forwarding mail
Electronic address and e-mail
10 GB own disk space
Scanning to e-mail
Own telephone number
Own fax number and fax forwarding to e-mail
70 hours monthly of hot desk
Computer, printer, scanner, copy machine
Internet and WiFi connection
70 hours monthly own virtual bilingual virtual assistant
Personalized telephone answering by a VA
Calendar management and meeting reminders
Correspondence, data entry, internet research
30 hours monthly own virtual bilingual virtual expert
Hot drinks
Monthly price in BGN without VAT 150 250 600 1000

Send us your order or inquiry for the package of your choice, or contact us on our national telephone for Bulgaria 0700 310 95 for any questions.

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